Practicing torso muscles—then smacked Atrian’s younger, post-burns head on it. So here you go. Ser Kane posing for Abercrombie & Fitch.

It’s totally unfinished, but with personal projects lining up, I wont’ have time to finish rippling goodness. Thanks, Nice Male, for the reference.

Salem! Husbands character way back in the FFXIV days.

Nothing like a bit of Orsimer tobacco and the reading materials of your felled foes to wrap up a hard day of leveling.

Atrian again. 

This is the end result of this sketch of my mix-blooded character, Atrian Kane, who I play in ESO.

I had no internet for three days, so intensive practice on metal armor/patina etc was done. He’s in training armor and wielding a practice sword. His normal suit of armor is more… thorough, protection wise-but I thought I should throw in some much needed arm structure and muscle practice.

You can read my character’s bio here, at the beautiful website my husband made to give wiki-style articles to our characters, from their history (what we established for the time before we started playing) and present plots with friends.

My other character in ESO. I love roleplaying dudes. He’s a Dragon Knight who’s seen better days. 1/4 Altmer, 3/4 Imperial—all “bitterness and blue ruin.” -Tom Waits

More portraits! 

We’ve mainly been using these for avatars on our guild’s website. It’s not quite live yet. But I’ll keep you posted.

My chum, Felisa, the Vampire Dunmer.

Cyron in ES to the O.

More portrait work for our website avatars. My Dunmer.

My morning was spent drawing hot old Vampire dudes. Yay!

Husband’s character in ESO.

I also used a paper texture from a packet that Hibbary made. She stained multiple types of paper herself, and went through the effort of making really great, high-res scans. It was from her DeviantArt page. It was also also like… 9 years ago. So I hope it’s still there. But that’s how freaking awesome they are that I’ve been using them this long. She’s the best!